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Record Data
Besides transcribing data from my personal record collection, the following sites were used extensively and have links for each major artist at the bottom of the page:

Discogs was the primary source for album data and cover art work.
45cat was the primary source for 45 data and picture sleeves.
Wikipedia is becoming a better source for artist information.

More "Covers"
Second Hand Songs is a great website to go to if you want to find out who else recorded a song. I Wanna Hold Your Hand, for example, shows 100+ versions! And, it is up-to-date (not stopping at 1972, like some websites!). Highlight and copy the song title (or composer) and just paste it into the "Discover" window and off you go.

Other Sources
EBay is a good source for looking for obscure 45 data and picture sleeves (link goes to Records).
All Music was not that helpful, as it doesn't distinguish album data from CD data, release dates are sporadic, and single information is virtually non-existent. Since the redesign, it's become virtually useless and its link removed.

60s Music Web Sites
There are several web site that are focused on the 60s:

Psychedelic 60s: Historical info about the 60s, from politics to music.
The Strawberry Bricks Guide To Progressive Rock Music Prog is a very cool web site that has a neat time line effect to present their album info. It's slanted to prog rock, but still has a lot to offer.
Willard's Wormholes WAS one of the best places to learn and explore music.
Prog Archives is a massive prog-rock website
Classic Bands has, among other things, a cool "On This Date" page.
American Music, a Dutch site, is an excellent source of blues and folk information.
Steve Hoffman Music Forum, is a great place to learn about old & new music. Steve is best-known for his mastering skills by making old albums sound outstanding.

Information for the "festival" concerts that are listed came from these web sites:
The 1967 Summer Of Love focuses on San Francisco, but has lots of other info.
Woodstock Wiki for Woodstock info. A History of Music Bootlegs


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