Easter Eggs   and other hidden gems

Nice listing of records, dude. Don't ya got anything to say?
As a matter of fact, I do—you just need to find out where!

Easter Eggs
Designed on purpose, Seasons is a journey thru the years without editorial content. But, I did have things I wanted to say about certain events or special records that didn't fit into the design.

Every album montage at the top of page has a "hot spot" that shows a hidden link that will take you to that page's Easter Egg. (The "Overview" pages for 65 and 66 have only one, not one for every quarter). The hidden page has something to do with that season and year. For example, the Easter Egg on Summer 1968 will take you to a page on the Presidential campaign of 1968 (and its aftermath). The Winter 1971 page has a link to a page about Songs Of The Humpback Whale, an album released that January. On one of the Winter pages, you'll find a link that takes you to Christmas records. Catch my drift?

If you need help finding the "hot spot," position your mouse in the exact center of the montage and a clue will show up. Like this:

Slide your pointer thingy over that hot spot and you'll see:

Now click it and away you go!

I'm giving you this one (Summer 69) because it leads to one of my favorite pages: The Apollo 11 moon landing and most of the records related to that great achievement! The Concert Listing pages also notes all the Apollo flights during our time-frame.

I hope you have fun with these pages—I sure had fun making them!

There is a hidden "hot spot" on the main screen that will open a page that links all the Easter Egg pages. Good luck in finding it!

...and other hidden gems
Is that all there is?

But wait, there's more!

If I were you, I'd be on the look out for bolded blue question marks, exclamation points, or ellipsis (...) like these samples: ( ??  ) ( . . . ). Admitedly, the ellipsis is pretty hard to see—there are only two or them and they are in two major artist pages (think Dylan or Zappa-type majors).

Could take you to an Easter Egg page or something else. Remember Mr Finch? He's here somewhere! And Allen Ginsberg, too.

Then there are these:  —they follow a song title that should allow you listen to that track (or right-click and... well, you know what to do then—trying to avoid the © police!).


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