Help Needed & Contact Info

Can You Help?
There are quite a few artists and records that I need accurate release data on. Can you help?
  • The Dillards   Copperfields; Wheatstraw Suite
  • The Groundhogs   Scratching The Surface; Thank Christ For The Bomb
  • Bunky & Jake
  • Lindisfarne
  • Barry Goldberg
  • The Groundhogs
  • Jim & Jean
  • McGuinness Flint
  • Mark Spoelstra
  • Teegarden & Van Winkle
  • and others scattered thru the web site
You can contact me by figuring out the email addy below (you're a smart kid; it's not that difficult to figure out!)


Programming Assistance
If you know web programming and look at the code on which this little website runs, you'll be agast! It is not data-driven, but hand-coded. I tend to beat up code to make it work the way I want! Not all of the code is up to W3C standards, but it seems to work.

If you have any suggestions that would improve things around here, drop me an Email Me.


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