Ultimate Spinach

Ultimate Spinach
MGM SE-4518
1/68 BB [UK: 6/68]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

UK Back Cover

3 panels of cool artwork reduced to this
Side One
Ego Trip Bruce-Douglas 3:15
Sacrifice Of The Moon (In Four Parts) Bruce-Douglas 3:45
Plastic Raincoating/Hung Up Minds Bruce-Douglas 2:54
(Ballad Of) The Hip Death Goddess Bruce-Douglas 8:18
Side Two
Your Head Is Reeling Bruce-Douglas 3:39
Dove In Hawk's Clothing Bruce-Douglas 3:55
Baroque #1 Bruce-Douglas 4:46
Funny Freak Parade Bruce-Douglas 2:36
Pamela Bruce-Douglas 3:09
Ian Bruce-Douglas-electric piano, harpsichord, organ, twelve-string guitar, sitar, harmonica, flute, theremin, celesta, vocals
Barbara Hudson-acoustic & electric guitar, kazoo, vocals
Geoffrey Winthrop-lead guitar, sitar, feedback, vocals
Richard Nese-bass, feedback
Keith Lahteinen-drums, tabla, bass drum, bells, chimes, vocals
§Cover Concept-David Jenks; Cover Artwork-Richard Sauter
Produced by: Alan Lorber


Behold & See
MGM SE-4570
8/68 [UK: 12/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Gilded Lamp Of The Cosmos Bruce-Douglas 2:30
Visions Of Your Reality Bruce-Douglas 5:49
Jazz Thing Bruce-Douglas 8:20
Mind Flowers Bruce-Douglas 9:38
Side Two
Where You're At Bruce-Douglas 3:10
Suite: Genesis Of Beauty (In Four Parts) Bruce-Douglas 9:56
Fifth Horseman Of The Apocalypse Bruce-Douglas 5:50
Fragmentary March Of Green Bruce-Douglas 6:51
Ian Bruce-Douglas-guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals
Barbara Hudson-guitar, vocals
Geoffrey Winthrop-guitar, sitar, vocals
Richard Nese-bass
Keith Lahteinen-drums, vocals
Carol Lee Britt-vocals (Where You're At)
§Cover Art-David Jenks
Produced by: Alan Lorber

Note: Beware of the Big Beat CD reissue—Lorber shortened songs and removed Visions Of Your Reality

Ian Bruce-Douglas, fed up with Lorber, quits

Lorber hires new band to back-up Barbara

(Just Like) Romeo And Juliet / Some-Days You Just Can't Win
Williams-Wylie (2:38) / Myers-Scheuren (3:22)
MGM K-14023, 2/69


Ultimate Spinach
MGM SE-4600
2/69 [UK: 11/69]
Back Cover

Side One
(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet Williams-Wylie 2:38
Some Days You Just Can't Win Myers-Scheuren 3:28
Daisy Baxter 2:18
Sincere Myers 3:29
Eddie's Rush Baxter-Hudson-Levine-Levine-Myers-Scheuren 6:50
Side Two
Strange-Life Tragicomedy Myers-Scheuren 4:13
Reasons Scheuren 3:29
Happiness Child Myers 4:42
Back Door Blues Myers 3:02
The World Has Just Begun Myers-Scheuren 3:19
Barbara Hudson-guitar, vocals
Ted Myers-lead guitar, vocals
Jeff Baxter-lead guitar, steel guitar, vibraphone, vocals
Tony Scheuren-organ, piano, acoustic guitar, vocals
Mike Levine-bass
Russ Levine-drums, percussion
§Cover Art-David Wilcox
Produced by: Alan Lorber

Note: Became known as Ultimate Spinach III

Third album bombed, Lorber moved on, Spinach dissolved.


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