Silver Apples

Oscillations / Whirly-Bird
Simeon-Taylor-Warren (2:47) / Simeon-Taylor-Warren (2:39)
Kapp K-923, 6/68


Silver Apples
Kapp KS-3562
6/68 BB [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Fold-over Insert

Side One
Oscillations Simeon-Taylor-Warren 2:47
Seagreen Serenades Simeon-Taylor-Warren 2:53
Lovefingers Simeon-Taylor-Warren 4:10
Program Simeon-Taylor-Warren 4:05
Velvet Cave Simeon-Taylor-Warren 3:28
Side Two
Whirly-Bird Simeon-Taylor-Warren 2:39
Dust Simeon-Taylor-Warren 3:42
Dancing Gods Trad 5:55
Misty Mountain Lewellen-Simeon-Taylor 2:38
Simeon-The Simeon [Synthesizer], flute, vocals
Dan Taylor-drums, percussion, vocals
§Artwork-Anonymous Arts
Produced by: Simeon, Dan Taylor, Barry Bryant

Album Note
Dancing Gods, a Navajo Indian ceremonial handed down through the generations. Originally each thought of the dance was repeated four times for the "psychic effect of these hundreds of people who gathered to bring health to their friends."
INSTRUCTIONS: Play Twice Before Listening

You And I / Confusion
Simeon-Taylor-Warren (3:19) / Simeon-Taylor-Warren (3:23)
Kapp KS-3-956, 11/68


Kapp KS-3584
2/69 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
You And I Simeon-Taylor 3:19
Water Simeon-Taylor 4:19
Ruby Emmy-Creasy 2:31
Gypsy Love Simeon-Taylor-Warren 5:32
You're Not Foolin' Me Simeon-Taylor 6:26
Side Two
I Have Known Love Lewellen-Simeon-Taylor 3:50
A Pox On You Simeon-Taylor 5:08
Confusion Simeon-Taylor 3:23
Fantasies DaMott-Simeon-Taylor 6:01
Simeon-The Simeon [Synthesizer], banjo, vocals
Danny Taylor-drums, vocal (I Have Known Love)
§Cover Photo-Charles Silver
Produced by: Barry Bryant, Dan Taylor, Simeon


Cockpit Good—Crash Bad

The band secured permission from Pan Am to take a photo in the cockpit. So far so good.
For the back, they chose an image of a European plane crash, with Simon playing a banjo amidst the wreckage. Not good.
Pan Am was pissed and sued everybody from the band to rack jobbers. Caused Kapp to fold, along with the band. A third album, The Garden, was recorded and shelved, finally issued in 1998

Story here @ The Guardian

What was Silver Apples doing in Central Park on July 20, 1969  ?? 


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