The Holy Modal Rounders

The Holy Modal Rounders
Prestige PRST-7720
Back Cover

Side One
Blues In The Bottle arr Stampfel-Weber 3:21
Give The Fiddler A Dram arr Weber 2:31
The Cuckoo Ashley 3:04
Euphoria Remaily 1:30
Long John arr Weber 2:17
Hesitation Blues arr Stampfel-Weber 2:18
Hey, Hey Baby Weber 1:19
Side Two
Reuben's Train Weber 2:28
Mr Spaceman Cymbal, arr Weber 1:51
Moving Day Poole-Stampfel 2:30
Better Things For You Roberts 3:10
Same Old Man arr Weber 1:40
Hop High Ladies arr Stampfel 1:59
Bound To Lose arr Stampfel 4:18
Peter Stampfel-banjo, violin, vocals
Steve Weber-guitar, vocals
§Cover Design, Photo-Don Schlitten
Supervised by: Samuel Charters


The Holy Modal Rounders 2
Prestige PRST-7410
Back Cover

Side One
Flop Eared Mule Trad 2:17
Black Eyed Suzie Trad 1:36
Sail Away Ladies Trad 2:38
Clinch Mountain Backstep Rakes 2:05
Fishing Blues Thomas 1:44
Statesboro Blues McTell 1:40
Junko Partner Hurley-Weber 1:10
Side Two
Mole In The Ground Trad 2:50
Hot Corn, Cold Corn Monroe 2:13
Down The Old Plank Road Macon 2:06
Chevrolet 6 Hutchinson 2:03
Crowley Waltz Duhon 1:36
Bully Of The Town Dalhart 3:04
Peter Stampfel-banjo, violin, vocals
Steve Weber-guitar, vocals
§Cover Design, Photo-Don Schlitten
Supervised by: Samuel Charters


Stampfel & Weber to The Fugs

Note: Gee, that was quick! (and they brought some Fugs to help out with the next album!

They take part in a recording for The East Village Other ESP album, 9/66

Indian War Hoop
Back Cover

Jimmy And Crash Survey The Universe
Indian War Whoop arr Weber 2:54
Sweet Apple Cider arr Weber 3:08
Soldier's Joy arr Weber 2:49
Cocaine Blues Jordan 2:44
Sky Divers Weber 5:05
The Second-Hand Watch
Radar Blues Hurley 5:37
The I.W.W. Song Stampfel-Weber 4:06
Football Blues Antonia-Stampfel 1:45
Bay Rum Blues arr Weber 2:16
Morning Glory Hurley :39
Peter Stampfel-banjo, fiddle, violin, electric fiddle, vocals
Steve Weber-guitar, vocals
Ken Crabtree-keyboards
Sam Shepard-drums
Antonia, Theda, Wendy, Barbara-vocals
§Cover Art-H Bernstein*
Produced by: Dr Jackson Illusion


The Moray Eels Eat
Elektra EKS-74026
Back Cover

Side One
Bird Song Antonia 2:14
One Will Do For Now Weber 1:20
Take-Off Artist Song Stampfel 2:53
Werewolf Stampfel 3:23
Interlude Weber 0:48
Dame Fortune Always-Stampfl 2:51
Side Two
Mobile Line Antonia-Stampfel 3:20
The Duji Song Antonia-Stampfel 0:20
My Mind Capsized Always-Stampfl 2:44
The STP Song Stampfl 1:12
Interlude 2 Weber 1:41
Half A Mind Weber 2:20
The Pledge Stampfel 1:01
Peter Stampfel-banjo, violin, vocals
Steve Weber-guitar, vocals
Richard Tyler-piano
John Annis-bass
Sam Shepard-drums
§Cover Art-Gene Szafran
Produced by: Frazier Mohawk

Note: Read Richie Unterberger's liner notes for the story on this weird record that he wrote for the CD reissue.

TV Guide Program Listing

=WKYC, Cleveland
Laugh-In: "Fuzzy Video For Fuzzy Sketch," 10/14/68,
The guys perform You've Got The Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo! as part of a skit with
Ruth Buzzi & Arte Johnson
Dame Fortune / Bird Song
Always-Stampfl (2:55) / Antonia (2:38)
Elektra 45644, 12/68


Sam Shepard to full time playwriting career.

Easy Rider(7/14/69)

Good Taste Is Timeless
Metromedia 1039
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Once A Year McCarty 2:07
Black Bottom Stampfel-Weber 2:41
Happy Scrapple Daddy Polka Remailly 2:09
Spring Of '65 Stampfel 5:51
Livin' Off The Land Stampfel 2:13
Love Is The Closet Thing Hurley 2:11
Side Two
Boobs A Lot Weber 2:49
Melinda Maphis 2:20
Generalonely Weber 4:15
Alligator Man Chance-Newman 2:29
City Blues Remaily 4:14
Whole World Oughta Go On A Vacation Remaily 3:11
Steve Weber-guitar, oscillator, pig squeals & airplane, background vocals
Peter Stampfel-violin, banjo, caterwailing, background vocals
Richard Tyler-piano, organ
John Wesley Annas-bass, kazoo, jug, growls & gravel gut, bass vocal, background vocal
Michael McCarthy-drums, sandpaper, tambourine, cow bell, party sounds, background vocals
Robin Remailly-mandolin, violin, rhythm guitar, clarinet, Jew's harp, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, oscillator, animal sounds & airplane, vocals
Pete Drake-pedal steel guitar (Once A Year, Love Is The Closet Thing)
Tracy Nelson-vocal (Love Is The Closet Thing)
§Cover & Inside Art-Michael Hurley
Produced by: Frazier Mohawk


Boobs A Lot / Love Is The Closest Thing
Weber (2:49) / Hurley (2:11)
Metromedia 223, 8/71



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