John Hammond

Newport Folk Festival(7/28/63)

John Hammond
Vanguard VSD-2148
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Side One
Two Trains Running Waters 3:18
Give Me A 32-20 Crudup 3:37
Maybellene Berry 2:32
Louise Williams 4:02
This Train Broonzy 2:23
East St. Louis Blues Lewis 3:01
Going Back To Florida Hopkins 2:50
Side Two
Mean Old Frisco Crudup 3:13
I Got A Letter This Morning House 4:12
Alabama Woman Blues Carr-Williams 3:34
The Hoochie Coochie Man Morganfield-Waters 3:03
Crossroads Blues Johnson 3:59
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean Jefferson 5:11
John Hammond-guitar, harmonica, vocals
§Cover Photo-Bert Bach
Produced by:


Big City Blues
Vanguard VSD-79153
Back Cover

Side One
I'm Ready Dixon 2:48
My Starter Won't Start - 2:48
Barbecue Blues - 3:18
I'm A Man Diddley 3:16
Barrelhouse Woman Blues Caraway 4:00
Midnight Hour Blues Carr 4:00
Side Two
Back Door Man Berry 4:17
I Live The Life I Love Dixon 2:22
No Money Down Berry 3:50
My Babe Dixon 2:05
When You Got A Good Friend - 4:40
Baby, Won't You Tell Me Hammond 2:38
John Hammond-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Jimmy Spruill-guitar
Billy Butler-guitar
Jimmy Lewis-bass
Bobby Donaldson-drums
§Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein
Produced by:


So Many Roads
Vanguard VSD-79178
Back Cover

Side One
Down In The Bottom Dixon 3:01
Long Distance Call Waters 3:18
Who Do You Love? McDaniel 3:00
I Want You To Love Me Waters 4:05
Judgment Day Hammond-Johnson 3:22
So Many Roads, So Many Trains Paul 2:40
Side Two
Rambling Blues Johnson 3:15
O Yea! McDaniels 3:32
You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover Dixon 3:28
Gambling Blues Jackson 3:10
Baby Please Don't Go Williams 2:19
Big Boss Man Dixon-Smith 2:40
John Hammond-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Jaime R [Robbie] Robertson-guitar
Michael Bloomfield-piano
Eric [Garth] Hudson-Hammond organ
Donald Cook-piano (A5, A6, B2, B5)
Jimmy Lewis-bass
Mark Levon Helm-drums
C D Musselwhite-harmonica
§Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein
Produced by:


I Wish You Would / I Can Tell
Arnold (2:45) / McDaniels-Smith (3:21)
Red Bird RB 10-047, 12/65


Country Blues
Vanguard VSD-79198
Back Cover

Side One
Traveling Riverside Blues Johnson 3:23
Hitchhiking Woman Turner 4:44
Statesborough Blues McTell 3:42
Milk Cow's Calf Blues Johnson 2:46
Crawling King Snake Hooker 2:42
Bull Frog Blues Harris 2:29
Side Two
Drop Down Momma Estes 2:46
Little Rain Falling Reed 3:53
Seventh Son Dixon 2:32
Who Do You Love? McDaniel 2:34
32-20 Blues Johnson 3:07
Goin' Down Slow Oden 4:05
John Hammond-guitar, harmonica, vocals
§Cover Photo-Barry Feinstein
Produced by:


Vanguard VSD-79245
Back Cover

Side One
I Wish You Would† Arnold 2:48
They Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is Just As Bad) Walker 4:07
Statesboro Blues McTell 3:20
Keys To The Highway Broozny-Segar 3:11
I Just Got Here - 4:33
Travelling Riverside† Johnson 2:53
Side Two
Stones In My Passway Johnson 3:08
Walking Blues Johnson 2:53
Death Don't Have No Mercy P D 3:15
Motherless Willie Johnson Johnson 2:17
When You Are Gone - 2:30
Rock Me Mama P D 2:24
Get Right Church P D 1:52
John Hammond-guitar, harmonica, vocal
Side One only:
William "Billy" Butler-guitar
Jimmy Spruill-guitar
Barry Goldberg-organ (I Just Got Here)
Jimmy Lewis-bass
Bobby Donaldson-drums
Robby Robertson-guitar
Michael Bloomfield-piano
Charley Musselwhite-harmonica
Eric [Garth] Hudson-organ
Jimmy Lewis-bass
Levon Helm-drums
§Cover Design-Jules Halfant
Produced by:


I Can Tell
Atlantic SD-8152
Back Cover

Side One
I Wish You Would Arnold 2:56
I'm In The Mood Besman-Hooker 3:08
I Can Tell McDaniel-Smith 3:20
Spoonful Dixon 2:45
Coming Home James 2:20
My Baby Is Sweeter Dixon 2:58
Side Two
Brown Eyed Handsome Man Berry 2:18
Smokestack Lightning Howlin' Wolf 2:43
Five Long Years Hooker 3:55
You're So Fine Little Walter 2:34
Going To New York Reed-Reed 1:52
Forty Days And Forty Nights Roth 4:30
John Hammond-guitar, harmonic, vocal
Robbie Robertson-guitar
Artie Butler-piano
Rick Danko-bass
Charles Joseph "Honeyman" Otis-drums
Jimmy Lewis-bass (I'm In The Mood)
Bill Wyman-bass (I Can Tell, I Wish You Would)
§Cover Photo-Cornell Capa, Magnum
Produced by:


Brown Eyed Handsome Man / Crosscut Saw
Berry (2:18) / Ford-Ingram-Moss-Person-Sanders-Walker (2:40)
Atlantic 45-2503, 4/68


Sooner Or Later
Atlantic SD-8206
Back Cover

Side One
Crosscut Saw Ford 2:43
How Many More Years Burnett 3:13
Sooner Or Later McCracklin 2:14
Shake Your Money Maker James 1:56
Sugar Mama Hooker 4:13
Side Two
Nine Below Zero Williamson 2:43
Dust My Broom James 2:24
Evil Is Going On Dixon 3:38
That's Alright Rodgers 3:20
Don't Start Me Talking Williamson 2:31
John Hammond-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Gordie Fleming-piano
George Stubbs-piano
Herman Pittman-bass
Charles "Honeyman" Otis-drums
Willie Bridges-sax
§Cover Photo-Lee Friedlander
Produced by: John Hammond, Sr


Shake For Me / I'm Tore Down
Dixon (2:42) / Thompson (2:46)
Atlantic 45-2696, 12/69


Southern Fried
Atlantic SD-8251
Back Cover

Side One
Shake For Me† Dixon 2:44
Cryin' For My Baby† Burrage 2:42
I'm Tore Down Burrage 2:45
Don't Go No Further Dixon 2:40
I'm Leavin' You†‡ Burnett 3:19
It's Too Late Willis 3:02
Side Two
Nadine‡ Berry 3:41
Mystery Train Parker-Phillip 2:59
My Time After A While‡ Badger-Geddins 4:01
I Can't Be Satisfed Morganfield 3:12
You'll Be Mine† Dixon 2:35
Riding In The Moonlight‡ Burnett 2:28
John Hammond-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Duane Allman-lead guitar†
Jimmy Johnson-guitar (Nadine, Mystery Train)
Eddie Hinton-guitar, piano
Barry Beckett-keyboards
David Hood-bass
Marlin Greene-bass (Cryin' For My Baby, You'll Be Mine)
Roger Hawkins-drums
Gene "Bo-legs" Miller-trumpet
Joe Arnold-ten sax
Lewis Collins-ten sax
Ed Logan-saxes
James Mitchell-bar sax
§Cover Photo-Jim Cummins
Produced by: John Hammond, Marlin Greene


The Best Of John Hammond
The Best Of John Hammond

Vanguard VSD-11/12, 9/70 [UK: N/R]
2-lp set, no unique tracks

Source Point
Columbia C-30458
Back Cover

Side One
I Got Love If You Want It Moore 3:19
Hoo Doo Blues Hicks-West 3:41
Mellow Down Easy Dixon 3:07
Takin' Care Of Business Toombs 3:17
She Moves Me Morganfield 3:11
Let's Go Home Staples 2:57
Side Two
Tell Me Mama Jacobs 3:09
No Place To Go Burnett 3:45
My First Place Abner-Reed 4:50
Junco Partner - 2:34
As The Years Go Passing By Malone 4:06
John Hammond-guitar, harmonica, vocals
Billy Nicholls-bass
Charles "Honeyman" Otis-drums
§Cover Painting-Dana Hammond
Produced by: John Hammond


Mellow Down Easy / As The Years Go Passing By
Dixon (3:06) / Malone (4:05)
Columbia 4-45372, 4/71

John continued his love of the blues, recordinng over 30 albums.
He hosted a BBC progeamme about Robert Johnson in 1991.


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