Electric Flag
Buddy Miles Express ♦ Buddy Miles 

Monterey International Pop Festival(6/17/67)
Peter's Trip / Green And Gold
Bloomfield (2:38) / Bloomfield (2:50)
Sidewalk 929, 7/67


The Trip [Original Soundtrack]
Sidewalk ST-5908
8/67 [UK: N/R]
Back Cover

Side One
Peter's Trip The Electric Flag 2:32
Joint Passing The Electric Flag 1:04
Psyche Soap The Electric Flag 0:52
M-23 The Electric Flag 1:12
Synesthesia The Electric Flag 1:45
A Little Head The Electric Flag 1:44
Hobbit The Electric Flag 1:08
Inner Pocket The Electric Flag 3:35
Fewghh The Electric Flag 0:58
Green And Gold The Electric Flag 2:45
The Other Ed Norton The Electric Flag 2:51
Flash, Bam, Pow The Electric Flag 1:26
Side Two
Home Room The Electric Flag 0:52
Peter Gets Off The Electric Flag 2:23
Practice Music The Electric Flag 1:25
Fine Jung Thing The Electric Flag 7:25
Senior Citizen The Electric Flag 2:56
Gettin' Hard The Electric Flag 4:02
Mike Bloomfield-guitar
Nick Gravenites-guitar, vocal (Psyche Soap)
Barry Goldberg-organ, piano, harpsichord
Harvey Brooks-bass
Buddy Miles-percussion
Marcus Doubleday-trumpet, flugelhorn
Peter Strazza-sax
Paul Beaver-Moog synthesizer
Bob Notkoff-electric violin
Produced by: John Court

Note: Flash, Bam, Pow was also used in the 1969 movie, Easy Rider

The Trip(8/23/67)
Soundtrack album above
Groovin' Is Easy / Over Lovin' You
Gravenites (3:00) / Bloomfield-Goldberg (2:08)
Columbia 44307, 9/67


A Long Time Comin’
Columbia CS-9597
3/68 BB [UK: 7/68]
Back Cover

Side One
Killing Floor Burnett 4:11
Groovin' Is Easy Polte 3:05
Over Lovin' You Bloomfield-Goldberg 2:10
She Should Have Just Polte 5:04
Wine arr Bloomfield 3:15
Side Two
Texas Bloomfield-Miles 4:48
Sittin' In Circles Goldberg 3:53
You Don't Realize Bloomfield 4:58
Another Country Polte 8:46
Easy Rider Bloomfield 0:50
Mike Bloomfield-guitar, percussion, vocals
Nick Gravenites-vocals, guitar, percussion
Barry Goldberg-keyboards
Harvey Brooks-bass, percussion, vocals
Buddy Miles-drums, percussion
Paul Beaver-keyboards, Moog synthesizer
Bobby Notkoff-strings, violin
Marcus Doubleday-trumpet, percussion
Peter Strazza-sax
Cass Elliot-vocal (Groovin' Is Easy) [uncredited]
Richie Havens-percussion, sitar
Sivuca-guitar, percussion
Michael Fonfara-keyboards
Herbie Rich-guitar, keyboards, sax, vocals
Stemsy Hunter-saxophone, vocals
Joe Church-percussion
John Court-percussion, vocals
George Brown-strings
Leo Daruczek-strings
Julius Held-strings
Charles McCracken-strings
§Cover Photos-John Berg, John Vidol, Todd Cazaux
Produced by: John Court


Northern California Folk-Rock Festival(5/19/68)

Bloomfield to session work with Al Kooper and Solo career.

Newport [CA] Pop Festival(8/3/68)
You Are What You Eat(9/24/68)
Soundtrack album has 1 unique track
Train - Part I / Train - Part II
Miles (2:40) / Miles (2:20)
Mercury 72860, 10/68

San Francisco International Pop Festival(10/26/68) Buddy Miles Express

Expressway To Your Skull
Mercury SR-61196
11/68 [UK: 1/69]
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Train Rich-Miles 4:55
Let Your Lovelight Shine Rich-Miles 3:24
Don't Mess With Cupid Cropper-Redding 2:37
Funky Mule Holmes 4:40
Side Two
You're The One (That I Adore) Malone 6:20
Wrap It Up Hayes-Porter 6:37
Spot On The Wall Rich-Miles 3:30
Buddy Miles-vocals, drums, guitar, organ, bass
Jim McCarty-guitar
Herbie Rich-organ, tenor sax
Bill Rich-bass
Ron Woods-drums
Marcus Doubleday-trumpet, flugelhorn
Virgil Gonsales-baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
Terrence Clements-tenor sax
Bill McPherson-tenor & soprano sax, flute
§Cover Photo-Michael O'Bryant
Produced by: Lou Reizner

Note: liner notes by Jimi Hendrix

An American Music Band
Columbia CS-9714
12/68 BB [UK: 1/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Soul Searchin' Miles 2:58
Sunny Hebb 3:43
With Time There Is Change Brooks 3:30
Nothing To Do Brooks-Gravenites 4:50
See To Your Neighbor Gravenites 2:42
Side Two
Qualified Rebennack 7:08
Hey Little Girl Gravenites 2:55
Mystery Miles 3:53
My Woman That Hangs Around The House Brooks 3:15
Nick Gravenites-guitar, percussion, vocals
Harvey Brooks-bass, guitar, sax, vocals
Herbie Rich-organ, guitar, horn, keyboards, sax, vocals
Buddy Miles-drums, vocals
Virgil Gonsalves-flute, sax, wind
John Simon-organ, piano, horn
Terry Clements-sax
Marcus Doubleday-trumpet
Stemsy Hunter-saxophone, vocals
Roger Troy-bass
Hoshal Wright-guitar
§Cover Design-Ron Coro; Photos-Fred Lombardi, Sandy Speiser
Produced by: John Simon, Harvey Brooks


Sunny³ / Soul Searchin'
Hebb (3:06) / Miles (2:54)
Columbia 44376, 3/69

Miss Lady³ / 69 Freedom Special
Miles (2:58) / Hall-McCarty-Rich (2:53)
Mercury 72903, 3/69

Funky Mule³ / Don't Mess With Cupid
Holmes (2:40) / Cropper-Redding (2:37)
Mercury 72914, 4/69


Electric Church
Mercury SR-61222
6/69 BB [UK: 11/69]
Back Cover

Side One
Miss Lady‡ Miles 4:41
69 Freedom Special‡ Hall-McCarty-Rich 2:53
Cigarettes & Coffee† Redding 8:25
Destructive Love‡ Miles 4:15
Side Two
Texas† Bloomfield-Miles 7:53
My Chant‡ Miles 4:27
Wrap It Up† Hayes-Porter 5:40
Buddy Miles-vocals, drums
Bill Rich-bass
Duane Hitchings-organ
Peter Carter, Tom Hall-trumpet
Bobby Rock, James Tatum, Tobie Wynn-saxophone
§Cover Photo-Michael O'Bryant; Art-Mitchell Brisker
Produced by: Anne Tansey†, Jimi Hendrix‡


Memphis Train / My Chant³
Sparks-Thomas (2:55) / Miles (3:30)
Mercury 72945, 7/69 BB

Atlantic City Pop Festival(8/3/69) Buddy Miles
Buddy joins Jimi in short-lived Band Of Gypsys
Them Changes / Spot On The Wall¹
Miles (3:00) / Miles-Rich (3:30)
Mercury 73008, 3/70 BB

as by Buddy Miles & The Freedom Express

Them Changes
Mercury SR-61280
6/70 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Them Changes Miles 3:20
I Still Love You, Anyway Karp 4:13
Heart's Delight Miles 4:06
Dreams Allman 4:52
Side Two
Down By The River Young 6:20
Memphis Train Sparks-Thomas 2:55
Paul B Allen, Omaha, Nebraska Lewis-Miles 5:31
Your Feeling Is Mine Redding 2:11
Buddy Miles-drums, bass, guitar, lead vocals
Charlie Karp-electric, acoustic guitars
Marlo Henderson-guitars
Andre Lewis-clavinet, organ, electric piano
Bob Hogins-organ, electric piano, trombone
Robin McBride-harpsichord, piano
David Hull-bass
Lee Allen-trumpet
Mark Williams-tenor sax
Phil Wood-flugelhorn
Andre Lewis, Bob Hogins, Charlie Karp, David Hull, Fred Allen, Lee Allen, Mark Williams, Marlo Henderson, Phil Wood-backing vocals
on Them Changes:
Buddy Miles-drums, vocals
Wally Rossunolo-guitar
Bob Parkins-organ
Billy Cox-fuzz bass
Robert Pittman-alto sax
James Tatum-tenor sax
Teddy Blandin-trumpet
on Memphis Train:
Buddy Miles-drums, vocals
Roland Robinson-bass
Jim McCarty-guitar
Dwayne Hitchings-organ
Tobie Wynn-baritone sax
Bobby Pittman, James Tatum-tenor sax
Pete Carter, Tom Hall-trumpet
§Cover Photo-Burnell Caldwell
Produced by: Buddy Miles & Robin McBride, except Steve Crooper (Memphis Train)


Down By The River³ / Heart's Delight
Young (3:07) / Miles (4:06)
Mercury 73086, 6/70 BB

Dreams³ / Your Feeling Is Mine
Allman (3:03) / Redding (2:11)
Mercury 73119, 9/70 BB


We Got To Live Together
Mercury SR-61313
10/70 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Runaway Child (Little Miss Nothin') Karp-Miles 5:00
Walking Down The Highway Karp-Miles 5:31
Easy Greasy Miles 4:47
Side Two
We Got To Live Together Miles 12:08
Take It Off Him And Put It On Me Buckins-Jackson-Jones-Owens-Pierce 3:39
Buddy Miles-drums, vocals
Charlie Karp-lead & acoustic guitars
Marlo Henderson-rhythm guitar
Andre Lewis-organ, clavinet
David Hull-bass
Phil Wood-flugelhorn
Fred Allen-percussion
Bob Hogins-trombone, electric piano
Dick Gabriel-tenor sax
Billy McPherson-tenor & baritone sax
Joel Porter-trumpet
Lee Allen-trumpet
§Cover Photo-Burnell Caldwell
Produced by: Buddy Miles, Robin McBride


We Got To Live Together - Part I / We Got To Live Together - Part II
Miles (3:10) / Miles (3:20)
Mercury 73159, 11/70 BB

Runaway Child (Little Miss Nothin')³ / I Still Love You Anyway³
Karp-Miles (3:14) / Karp (4:13)
Mercury 73170, 2/71


A Message To The People
Mercury SRM 1-608
3/71 BB
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Joe Tex Miles 4:57
The Way I Feel Tonight Miles 5:05
Place Over There Miles 5:42
The Segment Miles-Redd 2:35
Side Two
Don't Keep Me Wondering Allman 2:01
Midnight Rider Allman 3:35
Sudden Stop Russell 4:17
Wholesale Love Redding 2:37
That's The Way Life Is Miles 2:00
Buddy Miles-lead vocals, drums, guitar, organ
Charlie Karp-lead, rhythm guitar & acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Marlo Henderson-lead & rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Andre Lewis-organ, clavinet, piano, backing vocals
David Hull-bass, backing vocals
Fred Allen-drums, percussion
Stemsy Hunter-alto saxophone, backing vocals
Hank Redd-tenor & baritone sax
Tom Hall-trumpet, flugelhorn
Michael Fugate-lead trumpet, flugelhorn
§Cover Art-Abdul Mati [Klarwein]
Produced by: Buddy Miles


Wholesale Love / That's The Way Life Is
Redding (2:37) / Miles (2:00)
Mercury 73205, 5/71 BB

5/13/71: Speakeasy, London
Them Changes / The Way I Feel Tonight
Miles (3:00) / Miles (5:05)
Mercury 73228, 7/71 BB

A-side from Them Changes; B-side from A Message To The People
Mississippi River Festival(7/20/71) Buddy Miles

Mercury SRM-2-7500
9/71 BB
Back Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Introduction - 0:42
Joe Tex Miles 4:32
Take It Off Him And Put It On Me Jackson-Jones-Owens-Pierce 4:54
Down By The River Young 12:55
Side Two
Wrap It Up Hayes-Porter 19:03
Side Three
Place Over There Miles 5:03
The Segment Miles-Redd 12:18
Side Four
Them Changes Miles 12:44
Applause - 1:00
We Got To Live Together Miles 12:18
Buddy Miles-drums, vocals
Charlie Karp-guitar, vocals
Donnie Beck-organ
David Hull-bass, vocals
Tom Hall-trumpet
Bob Hogins-trombone, organ
Stemsey Hunter-alto sax
Hank Redd-tenor sax
§Cover Art-Abdul Mati Klarwein
Produced by: Buddy Miles

Note: Recorded 1971 in Seattle, Santa Monica & Bakersfield


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