Verve/Forecast FTS-3066
2/69 [UK: 10/68]
Back Cover

UK Back Cover

Side One
Place Of My Own Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 4:00
Ride Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 3:40
Policeman Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 2:40
Love Song With Flute Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 4:06
Cecil Rons Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 4:05
Side Two
Magic Man Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 4:00
Grandma's Lawn Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 3:20
Where But For Caravan Would I? Coughlan-Hastings-Hopper-Sinclair-Sinclair 8:55
Pye Hastings-guitar, bass, vocals
Dave Sinclair-organ, keyboards, vocals
Richard Sinclair-bass, guitar, vocals
Richard Coughlan-drums
Jimmy Hastings-flute (Love Song With Flute)
§Cover Photo-Richard Bennett Zeff
Produced by: Tony Cox, Caravan


Place Of My Own / Ride
Coughlan, Hastings, Sinclair, Sinclair (4:01) / Coughlan, Hastings, Sinclair, Sinclair (4:03)
Verve Forecast KF-5102, 7/69


Note: Verve shuttered their British operation, leaving the group stranded for awhile.

If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You
London PS-582
1/71 [UK: 10/70]
Back Cover

Side One
If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 3:07
And I Wish I Were Stoned/Don't Worry Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 8:21
As I Feel I Die Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 5:17
With An Ear To The Ground You Can Make It/Martinian/Only
  Cox (Reprise)
Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 9:56
Side Two
Hello Hello Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 3:46
Asforteri Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 1:21
Can't Be Long Now/Francoise/For Richard/Warlock Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 14:18
Limits Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 1:34
Pye Hastings-guitars, claves, worn leather strap, assorted ashtrays, impersonation of a friendly gorilla, vocals
David Sinclair-organ, piano, harpsichord, vocals
Richard Sinclair-bass, tambourine, hedge-clippers, vocals
Richard Coughlan-drums, congas, bongos, maracas, finger cymbals
Jimmy Hastings-flute, saxophone
§Cover Photo-Richard Bennett Zeff
Produced by: Caravan, Terry King


Love To Love You / Golf Girl
Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair (3:05) / Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair (4:55)
London 45-20065, 3/71


In The Land Of Grey And Pink
London PS-593
7/71 [UK: 4/71]
Full Cover

Inside Cover

Side One
Golf Girl Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 5:00
Winter Wine Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 7:35
Love To Love You (And Tonight Pigs Will Fly) Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 3:03
In The Land Of Grey And Pink Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 4:59
Side Two
Nine Feet Underground:
   Nigel Blows A Tune
   Love's A Friend
   Make It 76
   Dance On The Seven Paper Hankies
   Hold Grandad By The Nose
   Honest I Did
   100% Proof
Coughlan-Hastings-Sinclair-Sinclair 22:40
Pye Hastings-guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
David Sinclair-organ, piano, mellotron, vocals
Richard Sinclair-bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
Richard Coughlan-percussion, drums
Jimmy Hastings-flute, tenor sax, piccolo flute
Dave Grinsted-cannon, bell and wind
John Beecham-trombone (Golf Girl)
§Cover Art-Anne Marie Anderson
Produced by: David Hitchcock


Richard Sinclair joins Wyatt in Matching Mole. His brother quits in 72.
Hastings and Coughlan continue until 1978.


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