Bunky & Jake
Jake & The Family Jewels

Gotta Start Somewhere...

The Magicians
An Invitation To Cry / Rain Don't Fall On Me No More
Gordon-Woods (2:55) / Polhemus-Townley-Wyld (2:25)
Columbia 4-43435, 11/65

Pic sleeve may be promo only
Angel On The Corner / About My Love
Jacobs (2:20) / Blue (2:05)
Columbia 4-43608, 4/66

I'd Like To Know / And I'll Tell The World (About You)
Blue (3:05) / Gordon-Jacobs (2:59)
Columbia 4-43725, 7/66

Lady Fingers / Double Good Feeling
Bonner-Gordon (2:45) / Bonner-Gordon (1:58)
Columbia 4-44061, 5/67

Allan Jacobs-guitar, vocals
John Townley-guitar, vocals
Gary Bonner-bass, vocals
Alan Gordon-drums

Note: Bonner & Gordon go on to write massive hits for The Turtles, starting with...

Bunky & Jake
Mercury SR-61142
Back Cover

Side One
I'll Follow You Jacobs-Skinner 2:00
It Happens Again Jacobs-Skinner 2:36
Daphne Plum Jacobs-Skinner 2:42
Country Girl Jacobs-Skinner 2:14
Hey Buckaroo Jacobs-Skinner 2:25
Side Two
Taxicab Jacobs-Skinner 2:38
As You Go By Jacobs-Skinner 2:37
Big Car, Shiny Ring Jacobs-Skinner 1:57
Mongoose Jacobs-Skinner 1:25
Cheerio Jacobs-Skinner 2:25
The Candy Store Jacobs-Skinner 3:50
Bunky-guitar, vocals
Jake-guitar, vocals
§Cover Photo-Peter Strongwater
Produced by: Art Polhemus, Bob Wyld

Note: They are: Andrea Rochelle 'Bunky' Skinner & Allan 'Jake' Jacobs

Taxicab / I'll Follow You
Jacobs-Skinner (2:38) / Jacobs-Skinner (2:00)
Mercury 72813, 5/68

Big Boy Pete / If I Had A Dream
Harris-Terry (2:27) / Jacobs-Skinner (2:21)
Mercury 72846, 9/68


Mercury SR-61199
Back Cover

Side One
Uncle Henry's Basement Jacobs 2:06
If I Had A Dream Jacobs-Skinner 2:25
(Slow Down Little Jaguar) County Line Berry 3:02
Girl From France Jacobs 2:35
You Two Berry 1:33
Big Boy Pete Harris-Terry 2:18
"Oh" Pearl Jacobs 4:22
Side Two
Bump In My Groove Jacobs 3:30
I Am The Light Davis, arr Jacobs-Skinner 5:20
Cadillac Bleu Skinner 3:18
One More Cowboy Jacobs-Skinner 3:12
I Was A Champion Jacobs-Skinner 4:01
Bunky-guitar, vocals
Jake-lead guitar, Hawaiian guitar, vocals
Douglas Haywood Rauch-bass
Michael Rosa-drums
Mike Matthews-organ
Ernie Hayes-piano
Chuck Rainey-bass
Felix Pappalardi-bass
Ray Barretto-conga
Charlie Chin-2nd Tenor (Girl From France)
Buzzy Linhart-vibes (One More Cowboy)
Perry Robinson-clarinet
§Cover Photo-Tom Wright
Produced by: Art Polhemus, Bob Wyld

Note: Do you really not know what L.A.M.F. means?

Uncle Henry's Basement / Bump In My Groove
Jacobs (2:06) / Jacobs (3:30)
Mercury 72901, 3/69

Jake forms "Family Jewels"

Jake & The Family Jewels
Polydor 24-4029
Back Cover

Side One
I Remember Cissy's Baby Jacobs 4:04
The Racetrack Song Jacobs 3:01
Mother Of Pearl Jacobs 2:37
The Tennessee Stud Driftwood 3:10
It Came Without Warning Burnham-Jacobs 3:10
Side Two
Farewell Jacobs 2:54
Fantasy Hymn #2 Jacobs 3:04
Open The Door, Homer Dylan 2:48
Crazy Be Jacobs 4:10
At The Well Jacobs 3:15
Allan Jacobs-guitar, vocals
Jeremiah Burnham-bass, flute, vocals
Mike Rosa-drums
Vito Jacobs-guitar, Hawaiian guitar, vocals (The Tennessee Stud, At The Well)
Jon Lind-guitar, vocals (It Came Without Warning)
Kenny Pine-guitar (Mother Of Pearl, Farewell)
Jim Starses-12-string guitar (It Came Without Warning)
Dan Mansolino-piano, organ, vocals
Bob Smith-piano (It Came Without Warning, Open The Door, Homer)
Charlie Chin-banjo (At The Well)
Larry Packer-violin (Open The Door, Homer)
Perry Robinson-clarinet (Farewell)
Myles Aronowitz-Jews' harp (The Tennessee Stud)
Don Brooks-harmonica (At The Well)
Daniel Ben Zebulon-congas (Farewell)
Kathleen Whelen-finger cymbals (Mother Of Pearl)
§Cover Photo-Rowland Scherman
Produced by: Allan Jacobs, David Woods

Note: Background Vocals:
Jeremiah Burnham, Jon Lind, Kenny Pine, Bunky Rochelle Skinner, Dan Mansolino, Buzzy Linhart, Vito Jacobs, And Other Assorted Characters
(A wonderful time was had by all)
Cover photo taken at Clarence's Famous Enchanted Garden in Woodstock, NY


Albums went nowhere and the duo separated, but still gigged together.
They released a children's record in 1993.


Jake & The Family Jewels
Bunky & Jake (@ Rolling Stone)


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